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10 Ways to Share the Gospel

There’s one true Gospel but myriad ways to present it. Details about the sharer, the listener, and the relationship between the them factor into the equation. So too do the setting and the circumstances that led up to that moment.

We rely on God’s power to work through our foolish words, not on our own eloquence and savvy. Nonetheless, in any given situation, one way may convey the Good News to the hearer with more impact or relevance than another way. Likewise, you may find that one way fits you best.

This booklet equips Christians with 10 different ways to share the same precious Gospel. Meanwhile, it shares the Gospel in 10 different ways with the not-yet-Christian. Download your free copy now!

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We have taken advantage of so many quality Christian resources over the years. We discovered some and were told about some. In an ocean of “Christian” stuff, these resources have been a true blessing to us and many others.

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